Guantanamo Protest Events – May 2013 (and beyond)

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May 11, 2013 by Anonymous

There are a number of Protests/direct actions/marches/vigils coming up in May 2013 (and beyond) in protest of Guantanamo. Please help shut down Guantanamo. 

Ongoing (all month and beyond) – rolling hunger strike
Where – All over
who –

Ongoing – Rolling hunger strike
Where – The White House
Who – CodePink

May 12 – Contact Michelle Obama. Tell her that the detainees have mothers too. (Mother’s day protest)

May 13 – Vigil at Congress
Where – Washington D.C. Meet at Delaware and C in the Lower Senate Park. Call 202 553 9517 if you can’t find us.
When – 8:00am – 9:15am EDT

May 14 – Vigil at Congress
Where – Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.
Wear orange if you can!!!

May 17-19 – Various Protests and vigils in London
Who – London Guantanamo Campaign
Follow at their website (Above) for complete details.
Also follow along here on their facebook page for constant updates on new and existing protest plans.

May 17-19 – Twitterstorm!!!
Use the hashtag #opGTMO
If you don’t want to be associated with any Anonymous-styled actions (we understand), then use #closeGitmo

May 17-19 4:00p.m.- Chicago’s many Guantanamo Protests
Where: Federal Plaza (Adams & Dearborn), followed by a march through the Loop and ending at Daley Plaza
This one has many sponsors:
  • World Can’t Wait Chicago
  • White Rose
  • IL Coalition Against Torture
  • Witness Against Torture
  • Voices for Creative Non-Violence
  • Chicago Committee to Free the Cuban 5
  • NW Indiana Vets for Peace.

May 17 – onward – A SUSTAINED resistance to Guantanamo
Please join us every Friday at State and Jackson at 4:30.

May 18 – Protest at the White House!
When: 5:00 p.m.
For more info: Call 202-355-9469
This action also has a TON of sponsors and could prove PIVOTAL:
  • MASFreedom
  • ANSWER Coalition
  • MAS Immigration Justice Center
  • Witness Against Torture
  • North Carolina Peace Action
  • Americans Against Torture
  • Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network
  • Stop Torture
  • North Carolina
  • Asian American Legal Center
  • and many more.

May 18 – Boston’s Guantanamo Protest
Where – Arlington Street MBTA Station Boston, MA 02188
When – May 18, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Where – Borough Hall steps, Bay Street, across the street from the Ferry terminal. Staten Island, NY 10310

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